Jeff Baron
school visits

by Greg Pattridge, Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays

"1. Sean is an only child in a two parent family. Nothing unusual
there except this set-up is far from my usual MG selections this
year. It’s just nice to read about a family who have become
friends and support each other.

2. Could a 13-year old kid get the attention of big movie
executive and trick him into thinking he has an agent? Probably
not, but Sean’s voice is so believable, funny, and teen-like, you
have to assume maybe it could happen.

3. Sean produces short podcasts and he talks about them
frequently. Even better is actually watching them online. You
can see a few of them

4. The story shows kids it’s okay to try something and fail.
Whether it be creative or athletic. Sean’s venture into middle
school sports lasts about one hour, but his reasons for quitting
are understandable.

5. Sean has friendships with a diverse group of students. He’s
not attached to any one clique and does fine with the popular
girl and the quiet boy who sits by himself in the cafeteria. You’d
be happy your kids had a friend like Sean. "               

                        by Joan Baum, Dan's Papers

"Once you get started on either book (order not crucial), you'll know why.
You'll laugh at and admire 13-year old Sean's antics, and you'll
appreciate Baron's delicious humor and playful imagination.  

From the opening lines, it’s clear that Baron’s books are realistic and
engaging, without ever being precious or contrived, an amazing
achievement for a writer who is relatively new to children’s literature."
If there's no sound on Sean's video,
click the little speaker on the bottom left.
"Terrific and fun. The best
writing lesson for kids
imaginable." - Julie Just,
former Children's Books Editor,
New York Times Book Review
I think your podcasts are
amazing.  Keep it up.  -Carl
Thanks, Carl.  I'm a little
behind on new podcasts,
but I promise there will be
some.                 - Sean
Hi Sean! I really like your books! Are you still in the entertainment
business?  If you are, what's your next idea?                    - Patchy
Thanks, Patchy.  Yes!  I'm still in the entertainment business.   Remember
Electro-Pup from the second book?  I decided to write it as a book, before
it's a TV series.  I'm almost finished.  It's so cool.  Maybe I'll post part of it
here.                                                                                     - Sean
Sean Rosen has got to be one of the most original characters since Greg
Heffley.  We first met him when he created an agent and a plan to sell his
movie to Hollywood.  In book 2, he's back, and Dan Welch is receiving
emails again from Stephanie V. President, as well as from one of her
former associates, now at another studio.  Meanwhile, Sean navigates
school amidst his classmates: Doug, a creep he's known since
kindergarten; Buzz, his spelling-challenged friend; Brianna, whose father
is hilariously scary; and Ethan, a mountain of a kid dealing with a massive
family tragedy.  

Sean's voice is smart, appealing, funny, and always entertainingly
courageous.  Kids will like him, because he feels so genuine, and his
misadventures trying to break into Hollywood, feel so incredibly
POSSIBLE, through sheer guts.                             -Phoebe,
Hi Sean, I love your podcasts.
They're really cool. I love both
books.  Keep making podcasts.
You inspire.                  - Sam
Thanks, Sam.  You inspire me!
                             - Sean
Sean, I just wanted to say I love your
podcasts. I think you're so cool, and I
absolutely love your book. You are so
funny.  I just wanted to ask.  Do you
like Brianna and want to ask her out?
Please answer quickly. I need to know
what you think of her.  - Laura

Hi, Laura.  Thanks for saying those
nice things.  If you want to know a lot
more about Brianna, read
Sean Rosen
Is Not for Sale.     
- Sean
I love your Sean Rosen book
its awesome!!!!  - Elif

     Thanks, Elif.  - Sean
How do you look like?
                     - Sireessha
Not like the kid on the cover.
                            - Sean
hi  how are you i like you

Thanks!       - Sean
How old are you?  - Ridha
          13 - Sean
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