Publishers Weekly Guest Column by Jeff Baron
I’m in a school auditorium in Ardsley, N.Y., standing in the aisle in front of 60 seventh-graders,
reading from
I Represent Sean Rosen, my first attempt at writing a novel. It’s a funny Hollywood story that
takes place right now. Sean Rosen is a 13-year-old boy who dreams of being a writer. I’m not a parent, and I
haven’t been 13 for a while, so I went to school for
a reality check...
THE PAGE TURN: Today I have the privilege of introducing you to Jeff Baron, author of I
REPRESENT SEAN ROSEN, the charming and hilarious middle grade novel about an ambitious
kid with an admirably clever but potentially disastrous plan to make it in Hollywood.  Jeff has
had screenplays optioned by Disney and other major producers, his television writing has
appeared on all four major networks, and his work for the theater has been published and
performed all over the world, but Sean Rosen’s story is his very first novel. Want to know more
about Jeff?  So did we!  
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The manuscript began: “I have an incredible idea. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what it is.”
Well, that was enough for me. I was hooked. I REPRESENT SEAN ROSEN is a bit different, and
it is perhaps not your usual middle-grade fare. But it is an adventure nevertheless. I was on
the edge of my seat
the whole way through...  (by editor Virginia Duncan)